Sometimes the simplest things have the most profound impact. 

I was at a meeting at church where I rediscovered the 3 P’s scribbled at the top of my notepad. These 3 simple words became the subject of our Stephen Ministry continuing education that very evening. 

These 3 words, all beginning with the letter “P”, exemplify a memorable way for each of us to very quickly create our own inner balance. Pause, Power, Peace.

I was so inspired by our small group’s deeper reflection and great discussion surrounding the 3P’s that I just have to share…

P#1: Pause. 

Yes. Pause. How do you pause? Prayer. Meditation. Intentional and proper breathing – take a few centering breathes. 

How often should you pause? As often as necessary. I invite you to start your day with a pause. As soon as you awaken, take a moment to pause and be truly awake and present in the moment. Pause throughout your day, especially in more stressful situations. As soon as you notice tension, pause. Treat yourself to a pause at night as you go to bed – this is also a great time to practice gratitude for the events of the day, regardless of how your day unfolded.

A pause can be a brief moment and certainly longer as time permits. You can “pause” in the middle of a meeting, surrounded by others, when alone or at any time. It really is the perfect tool to use anywhere and at any time. In fact, a pause may even be involuntary, simply by becoming aware that you could use a pause, creates a pause.

Rest – give yourself permission to pause and rest. Even a minute of intentional pause can provide that energetic boost to keep you going.

To go even deeper, take the time to exercise the power of presence. Just sit. Allow spaces and spans of silence. Release the compulsive need to fill silent moments with chatter. This is a wonderful tool and a great way to be with someone going through a difficult time. This is also a useful tool to allow others to share information and figure things out for themselves. You may be surprised at what you learn. Prepare to be amazed and feel amazing. The Power of Presence. 

This leads us to the second “P”.

P#2: Power. 

This is inner strength. When you pause, do so with the powerful intention of connecting with the very life source within – the same source of all creation. 

If you’re like me, when I try to keep going under my own strength, it doesn’t take long before I become exhausted and tired. But, alas, there is an unlimited source of power that binds all things and that power is available to each of us. We simply have to tune in.

One definition of power is “the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.” As human beings, we have such power available to us at all times…use it wisely and in a manner that best serves you and those around you so that we truly put forward our most effective selves.

So, here’s the challenge – show up! Think of power, your inner strength, as a verb. Pause. Tap into God’s power within and then take action. 

 When we act totally fueled, we can know and feel the third “P”…

P#3: Peace. 

We don’t have to go through life under our own steam or left to our own devices. This is what Jesus meant when he said “my peace I leave with you” and “my peace I give you”….the mystery is revealed.

It really is this simple.

As you pause and power up, let go of trying to figure out everything, if just for that very moment. Don’t worry; have faith. From this place, the capacity to see and welcome other points view opens and frees you to respond (versus react) to any situation or circumstance with wisdom. One of the great benefits of choosing this mindset is peace. 

So, I invite you now to practice. 

Pause and power up.

How does this make you feel?


Perhaps even great!

Use these 3 P’s, Pause, Power and Peace, to create perfect balance in your life. Realize that this is not a one and done but a practice to actively incorporate into your daily routines. Make this an active practice to use and repeat, again and again.

May peace and perfect balance be yours right now, in this very moment.

Abound in grace, Karen