Lately I’ve been noticing people saying a lot of things, like the following:

o It’s complicated
o Life’s a struggle
o Life is hard
o Things are just changing too quickly
o Time is flying by
o If they would only do this or that, then I could …

We hear things like this so often that soon we adopt such language, and then we begin to believe it.

Before long, it becomes our truth, individually and collectively. And adopting such limiting beliefs
actually holds us back from fulfillment and enjoying life to the fullest potential.

Enough already!

We spend too much time bemoaning the way things are or waiting until, well, we keep waiting on
something, someone, or circumstances to change or improve so then we can be happy, satisfied,
fulfilled. Yet, we turn around and complain about how fast things are changing and how quickly time goes by.

We tend make things much more complicated than they have to be. There is a quote attributed to
Albert Einstein, commonly given as, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler,” or “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

I’ve learned a few life lessons and feel obliged to share them in hopes that you may incorporate more simple pleasures in each day, so that you experience more blessedness, passion, and purpose. And, with consistent practice, you just might discover that stress and judgment lessens as you let go of the old limiting beliefs. Replace them with new, more supportive habits and you just might discover and believe that life is meant to be lived!

Here are 5 + 1 Life Lessons to help keep things simple and live life to the fullest:

#1: Remember to have FUN. If you think and believe life is hard, then you’re right. Why not adopt an attitude that life is an adventure meant to be enjoyed? Seek ways to turn even the most mundane tasks in to a fun experience. Whistle. Sing. Wiggle or dance while you work. Smile – a lot! Laugh even more. Be willing to look silly – truthfully, others will probably be jealous. Be genuine and authentic, somber and serious as appropriate, all while letting your inner joy shine.

#2: Be curious. Don’t take yourself or others too seriously or personally. We can get all caught up
in what others think and drain our energy being “people pleasers.” Let go of all that nonsense. Adopt a questioning and curious attitude. Be genuinely interested in learning and growing. There is always more to learn, and there is always another perspective. Let go of having to be “right”. This alone will create such a sense of freedom!

#3: Enjoy each moment – that’s all there ever is – NOW. Practice proper breathing, which will keep
you focused and centered, and allow you to actually enjoy what you are doing – regardless of situation or circumstance. After all, you are where you are and you are always there by choice – either consciously or unconsciously – you absolutely have the choice. The more you embrace and harness your divine power, which comes from God/Love/Life/The Source within, the greater your pleasure and sense of fulfillment in each moment of life.

#4: Keep growing. We grow or we die. Choose to be growth-oriented. Simply notice when life seems to be a struggle or you’re experiencing strife. Then, simply ask yourself (see #2 above), what can I learn? What is the opportunity here? What’s another way I could look at this? If I didn’t take this so personally, how could I grow through this experience? And, have fun with your discoveries (#1 above).

#5: Nothing is ever final. Change is constant. Sometimes we just want to rest. We want to stop time to prolong pleasures or stop the madness or escape the chaos. At other times, we pray for this moment to pass, for pleasantries to subside, or simply to get through something we deem unbearable. Take back your power – stop giving it away to someone else, something else, or some circumstance or situation. Whatever “it” is – it is temporary. This too will pass. So, knowing that change is constant, we can choose to live full out, knowing the mountain top experiences will not last, nor will the valleys. Embracing change will help you live fully regardless – this is the great leveler – the key to walking the narrow path. So few people do this – but you can! Simple choose to embrace change and LIVE!

+1: It/Everything begins and ends with me (you). Choose to be the cause of your life experience.
You and only you have the power to decide how you show up, how you view the world and your place in it. You can change your entire life as fast as you believe possible. Realize that you are more than your thoughts. Learning to take captive your thoughts so they work to support you and no longer hold you back is life-changing.

This can be challenging because we become so used to our way of thinking and we believe it to be the right way – i.e. change is often hard, we are often very resistant to even the possibility of entertaining change. I do not believe that we are meant to take on this thing called life alone.

Why do I believe this? Look around…there are other people, other things, we can watch even our thoughts. Thus, we are never alone. Be at choice in how you show up to life, how you relate to and lead not only yourself, but others as well. Have the courage to face your fears and choose to create the life of your deepest desires and highest dreams. It’s time to WAKE UP and realize that each of us can and do create our own life – either consciously or unconsciously. Take back your power and then share with others to help them wake up, too!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, fed up with just getting by or not living the life you thought you would or know you can, I encourage you to get help. Don’t do it alone….being open and accepting help is an act of incredible strength and willingness to not simply survive but thrive and truly live the life that only you can live!

I invite you to Thrive Where You Are and Grow Where You Dare!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Take a moment to reflect….What life lessons can you share?
Remember, we’re all in this thing called life together and we absolutely learn from one another, if we choose!

Abound in grace,