Have you ever been stuck?

Stuck on a problem. Stuck in coming up with the right answer. Stuck in a situation or circumstance and just can’t see your way through. Perhaps your creativity feels stagnant or you just keep coming with the same ole thing, again and again.

Well, you are not alone. And, I’ve found that it’s not just me who encounters times of stuck-ed-ness.

To get unstuck requires taking some action but it may be easier than you think.

Here’s 5+1 Ways to Get Unstuck…..have fun and be prepared to move rapidly forward.

#1: Take a Break! This idea is so simple yet so often we keep trudging through thinking that if we just stay with it, whatever “it” may be, then resolution will come because by gosh we’re committed and working so diligently. But, when stuck, take a break. Remove yourself from the problem at hand. Go for a walk. Do something else to engage the mind elsewhere. Yell or scream (if appropriate surroundings). Relax for a few moment and then come back revived and expecting a breakthrough!

#2: Name It & Claim It! This may sound a bit woo-woo for us left-brainers but trust me and try it. Name your problem and claim solution. Your mind, body and spirit knows what you are grappling with. Write “Problem” on a piece of paper and then say how or where you are stuck. You can speak the problem aloud or in your mind. Then immediately switch to solution-focus. Write “Solution” on the opposite side of the same piece of paper. Keep the “Solution” side facing up and in view while you work on other things. Your subconscious mind now has the job of moving you forward and you’ll get unstuck or come up a solution. Try this idea…..there is magic that happens when you give yourself permission to switch from being orientated towards the problem (stuck-ed-ness) to telling your subconscious to think of solution (becoming unstuck).

#3: Breath. Take a few deep proper breathes. As you breathe deep into your abdomen feel the air filling your belly and imagine it carrying fresh oxygen through your entire body. On the third breathe, wiggle your fingers and toes to bring awareness to your body. You may even feel a tingling sensation. This totally natural, energizing and will allow your creative juices to start flowing.

#4: Get Help. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Help can come in many forms. All of the above ideas help you tap into your inner greatness. Sometimes reaching out to someone else is just what we need. Saying aloud or explaining where you’re stuck to another helps get out of our own mind and circular thought patterns. We naturally pay attention to the other person’s facial expressions and body language to see if they “get it”. They may have some helpful suggestions but often just by explaining in a way they’ll understand gets us over the proverbial stuck threshold.

#5: Take Imperfect Action. Some left-brainers (well really everyone does this from time to time) are particularly notorious for trying to figure everything out and having things perfect before they get moving on a task. Or maybe you’re just not sure where or how to begin or move beyond a certain point. Get Moving. Take imperfect action. This keeps the momentum going in the right direction AND you can make adjustments as needed. Fine tune later but simply taking imperfect action works wonders to getting unstuck.

+1: Write With Your Non-Dominant Hand. Pull out a scrap piece of paper or use your journal, a notebook anything to write on. Do not type. This is a powerful technique that works when hand-writing. Start writing with your dominant hand just documenting/explaining what’s going on; capture where you are in the process. Then switch hands and keep writing whatever comes to mind. Write “I’m stuck….” You could even write “I don’t know what to write and if I did I would write ______….” The mind is incredibly powerful and giving it the task of figuring out how to write with your non-dominant hand frees up the creative part of the brain to get you unstuck.

I can’t wait to hear how you apply one or more of these 5+1 ways to get unstuck…..please post how these help you or any other ideas/techniques that you use to get unstuck.

Abound in grace,