Have you ever NOT succeeded at something?

Of course! Everyone has had not succeeded at something. Many people label such unsuccessful endeavors as “failures.” Positive, optimistic, growth-oriented people most likely call such unsuccessful endeavors “learning experiences.”

Does everyone always think positive, optimistic, growth-oriented thoughts? Probably not. So often we allow our “fear of failure” to hold us back, keep us stuck, or to not even begin. Sometimes we even get so caught up in the mind-play of what-ifs that we freeze in the “fear of success.”

So, let’s boldly examine our fears and face head-on 7 Sure Ways to Fail:

  1. Never Start
  2. Closed-minded thinking
  3. Focus on all the “problems”
  4. Putting off your dreams/goals until _____
  5. Doing it all by yourself
  6. Fixating on specific outcome
  7. Not believing it’s really possible

Now….doesn’t it seem almost ridiculous to let such things slow us down or even stop us from going for our dreams and goals?

What’s the remedy? How does one succeed?

Build your foundation with the 7 Principle of Peace:

  1. Be WHO you want to be; not who you’ve been
  2. Be growth-oriented
  3. Be solution-focused
  4. Thrive where you are
  5. Don’t do it alone
  6. Don’t hold on so tight
  7. Don’t worry, have faith

What do these mean for you?

How can I support you in creating your successful and peace-full life?

Abound in grace, Karen