My heart races; I feel my pulse pounding in my ears, neck and chest with each heartbeat. I feel like a jet engine revving up for blast off. Am I getting ready to speak in public? Jump off the high dive for the very first time? Or maybe I’m walking into an important meeting or interview?

Well, nothing so dramatic at all. So, what am I doing?

I’m sitting here typing this post! For goodness sake, this isn’t my first post so, why am I feeling so anxious?

I’ve been gathering thoughts, collecting catchy sayings and clever ways to grab your attention and entice you to keep reading….praying that through me wisdom will be imparted and my words will speak to you in a special way so that you hear and act to create transformation in your own life from overwhelm and stress into a deep sense of peace and joy.

I feel as if I’m coming apart at the seams from the immense responsibility I’ve created for myself. All these thoughts rolling around in my head, jotted down in various notebooks, scraps of paper and hauled around so they are at my fingertips when I get organized enough to write.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Maybe not the same circumstances but one that causes that feeling that you are about to explode from all the built up pressure inside?

You may be thinking…I cannot believe that Karen is even sharing this – she’s the expert and creator of The 7 Principles to Peace and Beyond. Well, this is exactly why I am sharing….we’re all susceptible to human nature whereby our thoughts translate into feelings that drive us to (in)action – this one for me is like I have to have everything figured out completely and control every step before I ever take the first action.

Expert – YES, I am! I personally prove the 7 Principles again and again and see them work through my clients lives as well….ready to see how transformation happens?

Step #1 – WAKE UP! I made the conscious choice to Thrive Right Where I am (Principle 4). I sat down, read my devotions, practiced centered-proper breathing and made welcome inspiration and connection to God, the ultimate power within each of us. From this place and with a new I CAN perspective, I take action (even it seems at first as imperfect – I begin).

Step #2 – I grasp the realization that I do not have to do it alone (Principle 5-Don’t Do It Alone). We are in this together and never alone – in fact we are all one (another shift in perspective). If I’m going through this then someone else may too and good things can come from sharing. It is not up to me to transform you but it is up to me to take an active role in relationship, share what I know can help you and take action with the very next right step towards…

Step #3 – Be Who I want To Be (Principle 1). My deepest desire is to help high velocity professionals go from stressed to blessed; to come alive and enjoy living their life. I do this by being open, willing and vulnerable and leading the way in grace and courage to help you create a plan that gets you where you want to go with consistent action so you too produce sustainable results.

Step #4 – I let go of feeling the need to know exactly what the result will look like, in other words, Don’t Hold On So Tight (Principle 6). As I type, words flow, information is imparted and feelings explored so you can read and feel how shifts occur and then apply the same principles in your life.

Step #5 –I become Solution-Focused (Principle 3). I had been ruminating on the problem. In this example, I need to write a blog post. Solution is to start writing and engulf myself in the process. A magical shift in thinking occurs that sounds something like: Oh my, this is golden and I get to share a real-life example of the 7 Principles in action.

Step #6 – I shift toward being Growth-Oriented (Principle 2).  As I write, I move from thinking and planning in my head (procrastination) into right action. And, the growth happening is both yours and mine. By sharing what were perceived struggles while in my head, my confidence and courage grows and I naturally move into…

Step #7 – Don’t worry; Have Faith (Principle 7). I trust and embrace the time and snippets of thoughts I had captured and the unseen love that binds us all easily flows. I further release any feelings of guilt for not starting sooner and choose to be in this moment writing and sharing and honoring one of my core values, which is being in relationship.

Living the 7 Principles to Peace and Beyond loud and proud helped me this very day transform from feeling like I was coming apart at the seams into busting through the ties that bind, which in turn has created much desired peace, joy and absolute passion!

I pray that by sharing this very practical application in my own life of the 7 Principles to Peace and Beyond and how they are interwoven in the fabric of life that you too can thrive where you are and grow where you dare.

How can you transform something in your life today by putting one or more of the 7 Principles in action?

Would you please share your experience with practicing the 7 Principles to Peace and Beyond by commenting on this post to help us all grow?

Abound in grace, Karen