Do It Again! What do you want more of?

I know nearly every detail of my parents first meeting me until I was home the next day. You see, I was adopted when I was six weeks old. 

Now, you may be curious as to how I could know the details of something that happened when I was a mere six weeks old.

Well, I just always remember knowing and never really gave much thought as to how I came to know. Then one day, not too long before she died, Mom and I were talking about the events surrounding my adoption and I was telling her the story – really seeking confirmation that I had it right.

That’s when Mom reminded me that my favorite bedtime stories were those surrounding all the details of my adoption. The day Mom and Dad met me, the paperwork, character references and search leading up to this special day, every detail through them getting to take me home, and my homecoming. She shared about the long drive and Daddy being so careful and with her afraid to even breathe deeply because I was asleep in her lap.

The length of the stories would depend on how long it took for me to go to sleep. Many times, Mom said, she would think I was sound asleep because I was so quiet and peaceful so she would stop talking. Then, I would look up at her, smile and say, “Do it again Mommy.”

We humans want to keep experiencing more of the things that make us feel good, feel excited, feel happy, and feel joy. Most simply, we want to be and feel love – that which we truly already are.

So, if it’s so simple, then why don’t we all always feel and experience love?

Well, we’re human. We forget that we are love. Very much like I had forgotten the bedtime stories.

While I remember details my life experiences added a few things, confused some aspects and embellished others. So, the event happened and as it is later remembered, shared and retold, well, it changes. 

Why, because the story tellers and hearers change. We grow. 

But, we often forget that we’ve changed and grown.

As I am remembering in this very moment, my feelings are stirred, my emotions are swirling and other memories flood my mind. It is as if I am back, a child safe and secure, in my Mom’s loving arms. And, yet some of those other memories make me feel afraid and alone and longing for that love I felt as a child. All this and I haven’t moved an inch. I’m still sitting and typing this article.

This proves that our thoughts invoke our feelings and emotions which then move us to action (I just had to write this today) or perhaps even inaction, depending on how we internalize our thoughts. Some, like I am sharing here, inspire more positive responses while others can be very different, resulting in negative reactions.

It is those negative reactions that our mind often fixates. We can spend a lot of time trying to avoid or create the extreme opposite of what we don’t want to experience and feel.

This, over time, is exhausting. No wonder most people are not as happy and fulfilled as they could be and as they inherently know they can be.

The bottom line though, is that we each create our own reality. Whether positive or negative, we are responsible for creating our life. Our job is to embrace change and to learn and grow through our experiences. As we mature and become more masterful, we hopefully learn the principles of the world and how to play with them to create a life where we can BE our highest and best self.

So, what do you want to experience and feel more of in your life?

Focus on these positive things instead of what you don’t want.

What’s slowing you down, standing in your way or stopping you from experiencing more this now?

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Abound in grace,


P.S. I write this on Mother’s Day 2017 and am awash with love and gratitude for the stories Mom shared, which wonderful memories that are with me always. Now, I simply think, “Do it again Mommy” and, even though tears well up because I no longer enjoy her physical presence, I experience and feel deep love.