“Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays in the palm; clutch it, and it darts away.”

-Dorothy Parker, author (22 Aug 1893-1967)

The more we try to control anything or anyone in our life, the greater our stress and anxiety tend to be. It is then that we live more in fear than in love.

Many people live more in fear that unpleasant things of the past will repeat or worry about how the future will unfold, which robs them of the peace and joy to be experience in the present.

Of course – make plans, set goals, dream and think through possible challenges but then…don’t hold on so tight.

Shall we learn from the monkeys…

I love this story to illustrate how getting so fixated on how we think things should be can actually be a trap.

Natives in Asia, African and South America have devised a simple and ingenious method of trapping monkeys. They take a gourd, pot or bowl with an opening just large enough for the monkey’s hand to pass through; they weigh down the vessel with rocks or sand, then put some enticing food, nuts or fruit, inside and place it where the monkeys will discover it.

The monkey discovers the goodies, reaches in and grabs the food but can’t get its hand back out with a clenched fist. Rather than risk losing the treasure, the monkey becomes trapped and sacrifices everything.

By holding on so tightly to the one possible solution of achieving its goal and winning the prize, the monkey gives up its freedom and possibly its life.

Perhaps if the monkey would loosen its hold on the goodies, maybe even let go completely, it could shift perspective and devise another plan.

When we get attached or fixated on the outcome or anything for that matter, we limit and restrict ourselves. It is only by letting go, relaxing that more possibilities and opportunities become available to us resulting in allowing ourselves to experience more love.

What in your life are you holding on too tightly?

What can you just let go of to make room for the treasures you really seek?

In what ways can you let more love in your life today?

Share this with someone you care about and support one another so that you don’t hold on so tightly any longer.

Abound in grace,