Does one or more of the following statements sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard someone utter something similar or perhaps it was even you.

  • “This darn computer – if only I had up-to-date technology I could do my job so much more efficiently.”
  • “I realize keeping up with technology can be costly but at some point the benefits greatly outweigh…I could get so much more done if only I had proper tools.”
  • “Where did I put that document? It’s somewhere buried under all the important papers on my desk.”
  • “My mind and thoughts seem scattered – it’s hard to focus on any one thing.” 
  • “Work-work-work! Always a deadline and something always goes wrong, like the boss must have something else right now, and yes, the other deadline still must be met.”
  • “My friends and acquaintances rarely ask me to do anything because I’ve said no so many times.” 

When things seem to be falling apart on the outside, it is a perfect opportunity for to shift only seeing problems towards opening up to solutions. One possible solution is to Foster Your Environments. This article is inviting you to increase your awareness and spend some time and attention fostering your environments.
There are 3 primary types of environments that we often take for granted yet require attention for us to function optimally: physical, mental and social.
Physical environment includes your body, physical surroundings, and technology. The first couple statements at the beginning of this article may express evidence of the need to foster your physical environment.
The more obvious physical environment may be your body and the need for proper nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and overall care for your life-force container.
Your physical surroundings can have a huge impact on your productivity. Some people like solitude for optimal functioning while others may thrive in the midst of people. Some may find the tranquility of water rejuvenating while others may seek other elements. Physical surroundings include things you experience with your senses (see, feel, smell, hear, taste) such as ergonomics, climate, aromatics, views and surroundings.
The use of technology is equally important to fostering your physical environment and maybe not as you imagine. Your perspective is what is critical. If you are a craftsman, then automated machines may hinder your work whereas the use hand tools add value. Be open to ways to grow and enhance the expression of your greatness with the use of technology (i.e. use it to free you).
Mental environment is what you think and what stimuli you expose to your mind.
Think about things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable and praiseworthy. Be solution-focused and growth-oriented in your thinking.
Warning: please be aware that your ego will resist growth and change. You will bump up against thresholds and have to exercise fearless courage for continual maturity.
So, what you feed your mind is critically important. Choose well your consumption of television, movies, radio and music, books and other printed materials including internet, games and entertainment.
Approach life events and circumstances with curiosity as to what you can learn and how you can grow. Challenge your beliefs and assumptions questioning those that limit and hold you back from the success you desire. And then seek to build new supportive habits that move you closer to your goals.
The third and fourth statements at the beginning of this document show the relationship between our internal thoughts and external expressions. A cluttered mind may present in a cluttered desk and vice versa. Often we can reverse engineer and clear our thoughts by cleaning our surroundings….everything is connected and inter-related.
Social environment is who you hang out with. Your friends, family, business associates, coach, accountability partners…your team.
We get set in our ways and often aren’t aware of possibilities. However, trust that when you need to know; then you will know. My mentor coach has helped me to identify and do only what only I can do and outsource or delegate what others can do.This not only empowers oneself but others as well.
Don’t do it alone. We are social creatures co-existing with others and we are meant to both give and receive just as we breathe with inhale and exhale.
Wherever you choose to be then please be all there…the power of presence!
The important thing is to not only be aware but also to foster your environments so that you create and live your very best self!
We often learn, get inspired and inspire others when we share. What’s an environmental (physical, mental and/or social) change that you have made that resulted in you getting more done?

Abound in grace, Karen