Have you ever just wanted to fly away?

Perhaps you’ve wanted to fly away to escape…

Then again, maybe you’ve felt light and free and as if you are soaring to heights not yet experienced and the view from above is amazing!

Life is often a paradox; a mystery, and sometimes, yes, sometimes, our way of being allows us to hold the paradox and mystery of what otherwise may seem like polar opposites freely and easily in a sea of grace – kindness, mercy, unconditional love.

A very common theme in people I work with is that they deeply desire a greater sense of freedom – freedom to express, create, and really just be themselves. 

Unfortunately, many people experience the polar opposite. They feel stuck, trapped, and captive to their circumstances and often feel held back by people in their life. Many feel they have little to no options and as if they have no choice but to endure.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

There was a time that I felt such a heavy burden – like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  The harder I worked; the more things seemed to fall apart. I kept looking for others to solve my problems and often said things like: “If they would just [fill in the blank], then my life would be so much easier.” The more I tried to control others, the situations and circumstances, the worse I felt and the more out of control things seemed.

Freedom, dear friends, is generated from the inside-out. 

I know this is counter-intuitive to our ego or our intellect, yet, I speak Truth.

So, back to the title of this article, “Freedom is but a flutter away…” and paradox. If you do more and more of things you are doing that created the stuckedness, you will keep getting more and more of the same results and over time things will most assuredly get worse. 

To be free, one must think and act free. In other words, one must flutter. You must learn anew to fly and soon you will be soaring to new heights and experiencing life more amazing than you could even imagine.
What does freedom mean to you? 

When or at what time in your life have you felt most free? 

In what ways do you express your freedom(s)?

What daily practices, habits and routines are you willing to implement so that you can consistently experience a greater sense of freedom in your life?

Don’t live a mediocre life in captivity or in the shadows of your deepest desires. Learn to flutter so that you may fly and enjoy the wonderful sense of freedom you were born to live. 

It would be my humble privilege to walk along this journey with you as your coach. Schedule your free Thrive-ability session now – simply click here and begin to strengthen your wings. 

Abound in grace,