“Good Morning Sunshine!” My Daddy used to say those 3 words to me every morning.

Now, if you know me, you most likely know that I am not a morning person. So, you can imagine that my Dad’s cheery words were, on most days, greeted with a groan as I rubbed my eyes awake.  Oh how I miss hearing his voice. I am so thankful that he left me such a wonderful memory. His 3 simple words every morning told me each day just how much he loved me…even when I was grumpy.

Last night, in the midst of feeling slightly lost and overwhelmed, I was reading “Limitless Life” by Derwin L. Gray and was in the chapter, From Purposeless to Purposeful. [Shout out to my cousin Brenda with a big “Thank you” for sharing this book with me]. I share this with you now, so that you can know my mindset as I went through the night, but first, let me give you some background on what has been happening in my life.

I’ve really been missing my parents lately. It’s been almost 5 years since Daddy died and only 10 months since Mom died. I’ve been feeling very sad and lonely. Things have settled down now, after handling estate issues and my days and weeks are becoming more “routine,” I’ve been struggling to actually create a routine or rhythm that really supports me.

You see, I spoke with Mom every day since Daddy’s death and sometimes more than once a day. So, as the busyness calms, I have become more anxious. I’m in unknown territory. I am missing my sounding board, my anchor, my cheerleader & champion, my love, my friend, my Mother. She is the one constant person who has always helped me figure out the next steps and supported my life journey to be who I am meant to be…to create a wonderful life filled with compassion and service.

I’ve been feeling lost and overwhelmed. Yet, I practice my principles, I reach out for support, and I pray and meditate….but sometimes I deny myself these very critical and necessary gifts/musts/tools/supports. Why? Why would I do that?

The same reason we all do sometimes, because I don’t feel loved or loveable or I don’t feel good enough.

But, that’s a lie! You are loved and you are good enough, just like I am loved and I am good enough. In fact, you and I are each a one-of-a-kind, unique miracle.

Now, back to the reason I talked about that book earlier and my major A-Ha moment that I just had to share…. “Your purpose for existing is this: to let God the Father love you.”


I’ve been so busy of late trying to fake it until I make it, trying to make something happen, allowing feelings of sadness but punishing myself and withdrawing – I was exhausted and tired. The shift started yesterday, when truthful with my coach, texting with my accountability partner, and then speaking with a long-time friend who also has lost both of her parents. I accepted help, felt heard and validated. I forgave myself for “wasted time.”

After this overwhelm (notice same word used above just different perspective and meaning that I’m choosing to apply in order to create an internal shift) of loving support throughout the day, I got busy and was totally energized to focus and accomplished great work.

So, what was the big shift that really happened? My self-talk and affirmations had been something like, “I am a child of God, serving from overflow and sharing my gifts with the world.”

Now, this is a fabulous affirmation and one that I will continue to use but for some reason I was making it mean that I had to do…do something…do everything…I slipped back in to a human doing, which was exhausting. Let God love me…now this freedom; this is grace; this is a human being. This is what we are all created to be.

Regardless of spiritual beliefs, love is universal – let yourself be loved.

So, how does this help you? Practice this:

               Step 1: WAKE UP! Become aware and conscious.

Step 2: Surrender. Totally release your struggles. You must be willing to let go.

Step 3: Let God Love You.

Step 4: Now you are Re-Sourced, empowered with internal strength…act from this place.

Step 5: Repeat as often as necessary.

Here’s what happens, struggles do not disappear forever, but when clothed in love, periods of doubt lessen, times of anxiety can be replaced with overwhelming gratitude sourced by love…and this happens as soon as we WAKE UP, let go, and let God’s love be our guide.

Oh and in case you’re wondering. Here’s how Daddy closed each day, “Night. Night. Sweet Dreams. I Love You.”

Daddy and Mama may not physically be with me now but their memories, traditions and even little mannerisms are alive and well in me.

What struggles are you willing to let go of?

Are you ready right now to truly accept God’s love?

YES – now, from this place, ask what’s your next right action?

NO – then please reach out and accept help. It would be my honor to walk with you through this part of your life journey.

Abound in grace, Karen