Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear loved one. Happy Birthday to me.

My Happy Birthday month, August 2016, is now a memory end, I am overflowing with a deep sense of peace, joy, love and absolute passion. The photo is my gift to myself but the sentiments are precious.

Peace, joy and love are overflowing and I just have to share…please read to the end to discover and accept my gift to you. I pray it’ll bring overflowing blessings.

Knowing and feeling such joy is a true gift and blessing for me as I have historically experienced a lot of sadness on my birthday. Weird, I know. There have been many birthdays when I was somewhere fun with friends, most assuredly near a beach and water, and all I wanted to do was go home. Mom and Dad were always so supportive and loving when I’d call crying. They always listened, encouraged me to stay put one more day and sure come home tomorrow if you aren’t feeling better. 

Then tomorrow would come and I would be awoken by a phone call from Mom and Dad singing “Happy Birthday to you…” I always felt better and stayed. They have both passed on now, so physically going home is not possible; yet, in the true sense, going home is much easier, as it is simply a matter of memories, meditation and prayer.

Speaking of prayer, a miracle (at least one or two) happened August 14th, my happy birthday.

But, before I share the miracle, it’s necessary to give you a bit of back story.

As far back as I remember, there was a wooden frame painting of a little girl praying that hung in my bedroom. Up until several years ago that is. A tragic event occurred when someone cleaning my home sprayed glass cleaner on the painting (painting – not in a glass frame) and the paints ran ruining the artwork. Ugh. Heartbroken, an artist friend tried to repair but it just wasn’t the same. So, no more little girl praying painting hanging on my bedroom wall…sad. 

Being the wonderful artist, my friend researched and discovered the painting was a copy of a famous 18th century masterpiece and wasn’t even a little girl. The artwork was a copy of Little Samuel by Sir Joshua Reynolds [English Rococo Era Painter, 1723-1792]. I had no idea [that’s part of my powerful Principle 7: Don’t worry, have faith in that you don’t know what you don’t know and you won’t know it until you know it]. Cool, huh! 

August 14, 2016, a day of miracles:

I awoke in that dream-like state to Mom and Dad singing “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you…” I became more aware and quickly went back to sleep so they could sing they whole song…and they did. What a blessing – the first miracle/blessing of the day.

Later that afternoon, my Aunt, Uncle and I went back to consignment store (oh yes we were at the beach). My Aunt had her eye on a ring or two we discovered a couple days before. As I was waiting, I glanced up and there she was hanging in the upper right corner of the room, my little girl praying. But, in a much more beautiful hand-crafted Italian frame with convex glass. Tears welling up, excitement and joy overflowing, I shared the story with the sales associate and purchased the artwork, which they kind in blessing me with a significant discount to celebrate right along with me…the second miracle/blessing of the day.

There were more miracle/blessings as there always are. 

And, now I have my ‘Little Girl Praying’ beautiful art, behind an exquisite glass frame, reminding me that peace, joy, love and absolute passion are always ours, always accessible and at all times present.

Look around. Look within. What physical reminder do you have to connect you with peace, joy, love and absolute passion? What memory or thought brings you blessings? What does it feel like in your mind and body? What dreams and goals do you have that activates these feelings?

Please share in the comment section your story of being blessed so collectively we overflow, as well as, your dreams and goals so that together we grow and become blessings in our world.

You may have noticed that as I typed the Happy Birthday song lyrics at the very beginning I sang them to “dear loved one.” My prayer is that we all learn to love ourselves deeply and passionately claim love, give it away and be open, willing and vulnerable to receive more than we can imagine back, thus embracing the law of circulation and the very fabric of all creation…love.

My gift and I trust a blessing for you is a short 6 minute guided meditation to help you activate your peace, joy, love and absolute passion. Please click here to download your free gift. 

Abound in grace,


P.S. Remember to share your story and what connects you to your sense of peace.

P.S.S. Please come back and share how the guided meditation helped in your daily practice.