Little girl: Daddy, is it ok if I run away from you?

Daddy: Sure, as long as I can still see you.

The little girl looked up at her Daddy, grinned and ran ahead giggling…

…soon, she walked back and said, 

Daddy, I think I’ll walk with you a little while.

Daddy: Oh, I’m so glad. I’d like that.

I overheard the above conversation in February 2020 while meandering toward the exit of the Los Angeles Zoo. I was in LA speaking/attending a conference and gala and had a free Monday afternoon all to myself. So I hired an Uber and went for a second visit to the Griffith Observatory, which was closed. …Now what?

After a quick search I discovered that the LA Zoo was open and not too far away. What a treat – I walked the entire zoo that afternoon. I heard the powerful roar of a lion resonating throughout the ‘jungle’ and was blessed to witness the above exchange between a little girl and her daddy.

This conversation has stayed with me and with each remembrance, I smile. Isn’t this just like each of us?

We want to explore and journey away on great adventures, only to long for home – love, safety, comfort, rest, peace, bliss.

The daddy had an infant strapped and nestled against his chest. He was stocky with a strong build, bearded, with several tattoos, and had the kindest patience with his approximately three-year-old daughter.

Around another bend, after communing with an elephant, I stopped to take this picture looking skyward through blossoms of a tulip tree.

Little Girl: Daddy, what is she doing?

Daddy: Why don’t you ask her?

Me: I’m enjoying the beautiful blossoms. My daddy helped me plant a tulip tree gifted by an uncle at my first house.

Noticing that the little girl looked confused, I asked,

Have you ever seen a tulip flower?

Little girl: [wide-eyed and admiring the blossoms, trees, and sky with me] No.

Me: Well, maybe your daddy will show you some pictures of tulips when you get home.

Her daddy nodded and said yes, they would once they were home.

We parted and I continued toward the zoo exit.

Enjoy all of life and be not afraid, for perhaps we have really never left home at all.

You are never alone.

If this story resonates and you are ready to come home, this just may be the guidance you’ve been seeking. Yes? Yes.

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Blessings and abound in grace,