So much to do…so little time.

Do you feel pulled in a million directions?

Do you put yourself last and end up exhausted at the end of each day?

Do you procrastinate because you just don’t have time to plan, and even if you do plan things, usually end up going off plan?

Are you in awe and wonder at how some people seem to get so much accomplished AND have time for themselves as well as make time for fun and adventures with family and friends?

You are not alone.

So, what’s the secret? 

Read any article or book about what successful people do, and you’ll find that they take time to set goals and create a plan for achieving stated goals. You’ll also read that most, if not all, take time frequently to breathe properly, meditate and center so they tap their higher guidance and intuition for living as well as in setting goals, planning and taking inspired action consistently towards their goals.

Many do this near the end of a calendar year as they survey the prior year, harvest lessons learned, make adjustments, dream and set their plans and goals to help direct their work-flow for the year ahead. 

Regardless of what date the calendar shows, NOW is always the perfect time. So, whether you are planning, revising plans, adapting to changes, or simply beginning, it’s time to get started.


Put time on your calendar – even 30 minutes will be a great start, but an hour or more would be most beneficial, so you are able to fully enjoy the process. Then actually show up for yourself at the appointed time. During that time, breathe and center yourself and then free write your dreams and aspirations. Dream big and look ahead 10 years, 5 years, 1 year. 

Then ASK yourself, if I could accomplish my 10 year dreams in the next year or less, what goals can I set now?

Next, create SMART goals. Even if you are familiar with SMART goals, I encourage you to keep reading as a reminder and refresher and a check-up or check-in.

So, what exactly are SMART goals? They are…

S – Specific (First Step) _______________________________________________

M – Measureable _______________________________________________

A – Achievable _______________________________________________

R – Reasonable _______________________________________________

T – Time-Oriented _______________________________________________

Accountable to: __________________________________ Date: ________________

Keep breaking down your goals until you come up with your Next Right (i.e. First) Step. If you get to any letter of the process and determine you don’t know how to move ahead, then set that one aside (you can come back to it once you have more information/knowledge) and go back to the S – Specific (First Step) until you have that inspired next right step.

Perhaps your next right step is to research or ask someone their opinion….once you progress through each letter in SMART, then find someone to hold you accountable. Now, simply start – take that next right step.

Celebrate, and then repeat.

Periodically check in and make sure that your tasks are still aligned and moving you closer and closer towards realizing your dreams and aspirations. If not, then put some planning time on your calendar and make adjustments.

Sometimes, overwhelm can cause frustrations and lack of clarity, and you may not even know what your dreams and aspirations are anymore. Perhaps you’re just getting by until _________ [fill in the blank].

Maybe you are so task-oriented that you are not even enjoying the process and lack the energy to adjust and course correct.

Or, you’ve tried this before and it just didn’t work for you.

There’s hope!

I mentioned earlier that you are not alone. Get help. Ask a trusted mentor or coach to help you. Friends and family are great too, but often have their own agendas. Although they really want to help fix or take away your pain and frustration, this bias, while loving and admirable, may not be the objective assistance that would best serve you.

Would you like some help to set and AIM SMART goals so that you thrive while planning and achieving your goals and dreams?

Are you curious about how to AIM your SMART goals?

Does your heart’s desire include a deepened sense of inner peace and joy while rockin’ your external goals and dreams?


Great. Then your next right step is to click here and schedule a one-hour Thrive-ability coaching session for only $29. This session is easily worth $600 or more but I am committed to helping as many as I can live continually from an expanded space for grace.

It is my honor and privilege to serve you.

Abound in grace,