Does it seem like all you do is work, eat, sleep and repeat? A mundane routine can wreck havoc on your spirit and productivity, so it is important that you make time for fun so your everyday existence does not become unbearable. To get started, here are my six favorite suggestions to bring more inspiration and excitement into your life. Try these ideas for a few weeks and then have some fun brainstorming your own!

#1: Actually go to lunch. This break will nourish your body, inspire creativity and bring about a positive mental outlook.

#2: Work in intervals. Every hour or so stand up, take a break, stretch, walk around the office, interact with co-workers or step outside for a breath of fresh air.

#3: Breath. Take breaks throughout the day to center your mind with deep breathing exercises. If this seems foreign to you, start by simply inhaling and exhaling to the count of three and then increase up to a count of five.

#4: Have fun with friends and family. Set a date in your calendar to get together with friends and family  and stick with it! Start small with a single activity a week, like grabbing dinner with a friend or sibling. Then, build up to a long-standing commitment, such as a weekly book club or study group.

#5: Commit to doing something special for yourself. Set a date in your calendar each week to do something just for you. For example, hit the gym, take a walk, go to the spa or play a round of golf.

+1: Cut yourself some slack. Remember that change is a process. If you slip up and fall back into your mundane routine, don’t beat yourself up. Just take a deep breath and start again.