Sitting on my back patio, I have the opportunity to observe and commune with nature. I am often in awe watching red-headed woodpeckers, squirrels, birds, deer, opossum, and even a black snake last summer. Then there’s the inch worms, spiders, skunk, stink bugs and other crawly things. 

I was recently watching 2 squirrels when I came to realize that these are the same squirrels I had noticed for several days. They are always close to one another, and if I make noise they freeze, watch, and listen. Once they determine there is no threat, they go back to their task. Here’s what I found intriguing…they work a while, then chase one another up one tree, jump to a branch, scurry across the ground, up and down another tree – it looks like play. Then, back to work. They weave fun into their work while being ever vigilant and moving forward with their goals of building nests, gathering and storing food. This caused me to have an Ah-Ha moment…we can have fun while we work, and create from within the energy needed to be successful! 

Generally speaking, everything is energy. Albert Einstein was passionate in addressing the scientific community sharing his idea that everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is energy, not matter. Everything that “matters” is energy. The more conscious we are (i.e. the more we WAKE UP) then the more we can learn to weave the stress out of our lives and success, peace, joy and passion in…after all, isn’t this what we all really want?! 

How we perceive and approach work and life, react or respond to different circumstances and experiences, creates our reality. So, the more consciously we live then the more satisfied we are in all life’s dimensions of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy…everything that “matters.”

As I reflected on the awesome power and responsibility we have for our own lives and how we weave together the fabric of our lives, I came up with an acronym that I pray you find empowering and helpful.

Are you ready to W~E~A~V~E Stress Out of Your Life and Success in?

W – Wonder. Wake Up and approach life from a sense of wonder. Be open. Curiously expecting new opportunities to experience all of life’s abundant offerings.

E – Engage. Decide to be engaged in your life. You have the power of choice…use it. Recognize that you do so consciously or unconsciously. You either give your power to others to decide for you or you show up harnessing your energy and putting it to work in our world for you and others. Take captive your thoughts or they will take you captive.

A – Action. Now that you are awake and engaged, from this place ask yourself, “what is my next right step?” Then step. Note that the answer may be to make a plan, set a goal, then ask what actionable step do I take next to move my plan/goals forward?

V – Values & Vision to Victory (V3). Know your core values and vision for your life…this will lead you to victory. We unconsciously make decisions based on our core values. There are times when we feel tossed about or out-of-control…check in and you just may discover that you are honoring other people’s values and not your own. It is critically important to know what is important to us at our core and then use this as your litmus test as opportunities present. Additionally, know where your headed (vision) so you can set goals and make decisions to keep you moving forward to where you want to grow.

E – Evolve. Give yourself permission to make adjustments and improvements as you take action. Once you keep consistent forward momentum, then you learn and grow and increase your knowledge and understanding. This empowers you to evolve where you could not have imagined before.

Life is a great adventure….have FUN as you weave your life’s journey.

“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” -Maya Angelou, poet (b. 4 Apr 1928)

Sometimes we need a helping hand to “see” how our diverse experiences are there all along to help us weave our ideal life…you are never alone.

What’s a colorful thread in your life’s weave-work that you want to evolve?

Abound in grace, Karen