What if each moment overflowed with the “best to come,” possibilities and opportunities?

I recently heard the story again about a woman who knew she would soon be passing on and requested her pastor place a fork in her hands at her viewing. Knowing people would be curious about the significance of the fork, she wanted her pastor to share her joy found in the simple clearing away of dinner plates when the host or servers would say, “you might want to keep your fork.” She loved the anticipation and excitement of those words because she knew the best was yet to come.

I’ve always loved this story because it feels good, sparks hope and an inner sense of that same anticipation and excitement within myself.

But, why wait…WTF (Where’s the Fork)?

(Photo by Karen R. Perry, August 15, 2019, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

We’ve become so conditioned to the same ole same ole day in and day out, just getting by, surviving and waiting until X, Y, or Z happens to experience happiness, contentment, peace, joy, and freedom. We have accepted that one day (or if we are good enough, then once we die), we will get to finally experience the best that was yet to come.
I’ve come to realize that nothing can rob me of the joy NOW – unless of course I give it permission.
I continually practice and am learning more and more and refuse to let any thought about any situation, circumstance, person, or place [no-thing] deny me goodness, which is always now.
What if we suspended disbelief, even for a moment, and choose to believe Jesus and so many other great master teachers whose messages always pointed to our creator, God, saying creation is good, and the kingdom of heaven is within and near [or now.]

(Photo by Karen R. Perry, April 6, 2019, Costa Rica)

What if we changed our perspective (again and again) so we may see other possibilities and opportunities?

Notice the fork in the tree in the photo above. There could have been numerous external events that caused the tree to fork and still upward it grows, curves, and expands. I’ve even seen trees that graft in with another tree, twist and continue as one or bend and go on in different directions. So very many possibilities.

Why do we most often continue to insist on the very limiting duality of left or right, this or that, up or down, etc. when we come to a fork?

My prayer is that you’ll take time daily for prayer, contemplation, or whatever practice serves you in realizing the goodness of now so that you’ll be inspired to curiously ask, “Where’s the Fork?”

And, rest in the knowing that there is more goodness than may at first be in your awareness. Simply asking, “WTF – Where’s the Fork?,” may immediately bring the above images to mind and help you allow options to more easily present right NOW.

Blessings and abound in grace,